Standard kit for a full DSLR video kit

Just saw these 3 great tips by Justin at but of course I have a few to add specifically for all you architects!

His three were:

1. Choosing the Right Mic
2. Mic Placement
3. Recording Room Tone

These are fantastic and critical but for architects I'd also add:

4. Deadcat On Your Mic
So not an actual dead cat but a windscreen to reduce any terrible muffling from wind. The video above shows one in all the shots but never mentioned. This is extremely critical and you should never leave production home without one specifically designed for the mic you're using.

5. Shotgun Mics Are Better Than Lav Mics
Don't even worry about connecting a lavalier or lapel mic to someone as these rarely give you better sound than a good old fashioned shotgun mic either pointing from above or below the person speaking by an extra crew member or with a mini-shotgun mounted on top of your camera close to your subject. Also, if you go with wireless lavs you're almost guaranteed to run into interference at the most inopportune time. Trust me. Ask my wife how the lav mics turned out from the recording of our wedding...

6. Record Your Sound When There Is Less Sound Around
Unwanted ambient sound is always an issue so choose a time of day when the site or your surroundings are as quiet as they can be. If you hear it with your ear your mic will too and you don't have skills, time or money to send it out of house to have a professional really clean it up with their snazzy machines. So turn off all those noisy HVAC units, get away from the elevators or any other engines and get clear sound.

7. Record As Much As You Can Indoors And Not Outside
Yes, if you can get inside and record your audio, specifically anyones voice, as a voice over in a nice soft closet then you're going to be light years ahead of 99% of the other pro-novice videographers out there. You'll easily be able to cut audio clips together without running into ambient sound level distractions since they'll be none in your free soundbooth! It is always good to have you in the real world talking in front of your building but design your video in a way to minimize sound issues and pick the right time for such outside soundbites.

One location shoot for Architect Magazine in South Park, San Francisco

There's many, many more to share which are gathering into a future course on sound recording. Be sure to sign up to the Academy to be alerted when this and other courses become available in the near future. And as always, I'm here to answer any questions so hit me up in the comments below or on twitter, facebook or linkedin!